Now more than ever, photojournalism is a complex global language that informs and connects us. Great photojournalism is more than a visual record of events; it captures critical images that transport us into the moments when history is made. David Hume Kennerly is a master of this language. The David Hume Kennerly Archive is an invaluable learning and research tool for critical inquiry. We preserve and make available not only photographs, but the critical contextual information underlying a particular image at a particular moment in time. The Kennerly Archive is now available for students and scholars today, and for future generations to come, adding to the educational discourse of the University of Arizona and the world.

With your support, we will be able to activate the Kennerly Archive in impactful and innovative ways. Our vision is for this collection to spur programs, curriculum, and conversations around some of the most important moments of history captured through Kennerly’s lens. We will manage and preserve this extensive archive, including Kennerly’s future work, in perpetuity. CCP’s commitment is to the complete life’s work of David Hume Kennerly, not merely a selection of notable images.

Through your gifts, the Center for Creative Photography will be able to fully realize all the facets of this important project. Your donations are the key to realizing the full potential of this incredible resource.

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